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.click here to download the .xcf project file for the mask designed in GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program by .-_-. for making the self portraits_

.the font used as a mask for the self portraits is FreeSans Bold 500px from GNU FreeFont Collection and you will need to have it installed in your system in order to open the .xcf file with the correct font_

.click here to download the .pdf file for the mask exported from the GIMP project file as the font embeded_

.if you like, you can paint the portrait of .-_-. by printing out the project file or the PDF document above for the mask, cutting it out, placing it on any 70 x 100 cm canvas and paint inside with a lamp black oil paint (without mixing with any other color or medium) in freestyle, following the borders of the mask or not, using any tool, leaving the canvas itself as the background_

.the self portraits are black on white. pigment used for foreground black is PBk6 (lamp black) and the background is the white of any readymade canvas_

.of course you are free to paint a portrait of .-_-. using this source but in the context of this project, which is “self portrait” of .-_-. , it only makes sense as a “self portrait” when .-_-. makes it:D_

.if you would like to own a self portrait of .-_-. that will be painted by .-_-. for you as a gift, visit the info page_

.there is also the text below written by hand on the backside of the canvas on each self portrait_

.self portrait: i’d be honoured to paint one for you as a gift_
.copyleft!_ .-_-. 2012

.self portrait: i’d be honoured to paint one for you as a gift_ project is .copyleft!_ you are also free to appropriate it as you wish according to .copyleft!_ and you are also free to duplicate any of the self portraits or make prints of it etc, if you like_

.links to high resolution images of all the self portraits are on the .images_ page. all images are also .copyleft!_

.this page was created on 29.08.2012, updated many times, and last updated on 19.08.2018